6ix9ine buys a pet rat – names it “6nitch9ine”

6ix9ine – the controversial New York rapper who has spent the past year and a half in jail, has been released – and 24-year old rapper is showing no signs of slowing down his antics. During 6ix9ine’s time in jail, many important figures of the hip hop community condemned the way he took plea deals in exchange for giving up details on other members of his gang. In their eyes, 6ix9ine’s behaviour constituted “snitching”, a practice that is reproached on the streets.

When 6ix9ine made his triumphant return on social media, he adopted the snitch-label by appearing as a cartoon version of his rainbow-y self. This drew ire as well as support from the people in the comment section. With the release of his new single reaching over 60 million views in less than a day, it seems that whatever he’s doing – it’s working.

In another effort to stir things up online, 6ix9ine has now bought a pet rat and called it: “6nitch9ine”. The announcement was made on a local New York radio station. This is what 6ix9ine had to say after he brought the rat out of the cage in the studio:

“I feel like everybody who be speaking on my name, rat this, rat that don’t understand what I’ve gone through. To get the label ‘rat’ while just trying to survive because other people been tryna kill me, that’s messed up. So what I gotta do is to turn it back on them, and that’s why I have with me here today my new pet 6nitch9ine!”

We are yet to see what kind of shockwaves this new pet sends across the internet – but one thing’s for certain, we’ll be looking closely at it all unfolding.






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