Trump and The White House adopt rescued roo from Aussie fires – Joey Kangaroosevelt

The conflagration that has been raging in Australia for months and to which there seems to be no end has reaped many lives. Wildlife native to Australia such as emu-birds, wallabies, koalas and kangaroos have had their habitats incinerated by violent bushfires that the local fire services are unable to tame. Amid political scandal, wherein the Australian government is accused of being too lax by people living in the affected areas and a growing sense of despair among homeowners in the vicinity, there are at least some rays of sun shining: and now the US government is getting in on the action.

Thanks to brave fire personnel as well as wildlife rescuers and even local volunteers, thousands of animals have been rescued by the flames. President Trump, who, after a close call with Iran earlier this month, is getting back to his every day groove has reported that he has been very affected by seeing the horrific images from Australia. Although President Trump isn’t known for heeding climate change activist, it seems that he is, in this instance at least recognising the environmental disaster that is currently unfolding Down Under. This morning, The White House put its money where its mouth is by announcing the too many, surprising adoption of a little marsupial critter:

President Trump and representatives from The White House have decided to adopt a kangaroo baby that was rescued from the raging bush-fires by a wildlife rescuers earlier this week. We were reached by a picture of this particular roo through social media channels and were touched at its precious perseverance through this horrible ordeal. We understand that its mother tragically died in the fire and so we have put forward the offer to adopt the kangaroo formally. The Perth Wildlife sanctuary, where the kangaroo baby is currently being treated for burns, has accepted this offer. In practical terms, this means that this baby kangaroo, which we have officially named Joey Kangaroosevelt, will be under the guardianship of President Trump and the United States Government. The sanctuary at which he stays will be given a donation of ten million USD and our hope is that this will be enough to expand their operation considerably. Joey Kangaroosevelt will of course stay in his native Australia and our intention is that his title will serve as a symbolic message of goodwill from the American people to Australian wildlife conservation efforts.”

In a world that seems to be inching closer to disaster by the day, this piece of news seems unconventionally wholesome. Let us hope this is the trajectory in which the rest of 2020 continues. Long live Joey Kangaroosevelt!

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