A$AP Rocky forced to listen to Bow Wow’s music for 15 hours every day in Swedish jail

It’s been more than 3 weeks since superstar rapper A$AP Rocky and two of his crew members were arrested on the streets of Stockholm, Sweden. A$AP was in the middle of a European tour when an altercation with two fans escalated into a brawl which ultimately landed A$AP in jail on an assault charge. Since his arrest there have been multiple reports about A$AP living in squalid, torture-like conditions in a small Swedish jail cell. Rumours of A$AP not being allowed to go outside, being fed as little as a meal a day and the floor of his cell being covered in faeces have been circulating around the web, making fans furious.

Now however, another implement of torture has been reported to TMZ. According to sources from inside the jail, A$AP is being subjected to 15 hours of hip hop artist Bow Wows’s music a every day. Apparently the Swedish jailers are blasting the 90’s sensations tunes into his A$AP’s cell from 6am to 9pm, ignoring his pleas for them to stop.

A$APs legal representative gave a statement about the new method of torture:

Out of everything that we’ve heard has been going on in his cell, this has got to be the worst, by far. We’re praying that A$AP gets the hell out of there soon, but we fear that 15 hours of Bow Wow every day will cause irrecoverable damage to his mental health…and his soul

A$AP’s trial started earlier today Swedish time and is supposed to be concluded by mid-August. Only time will tell how A$AP fares in the trial and whether boy wonder Bow Wow’s music leaves any substantial scarring.



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