The New Lion King Movie should be cancelled – unless it’s changed to “The Lion Queen”

Hi, Penny Pratt here. When I first heard the news I was so excited – a childhood dream was finally coming true – finally I was going to get to see Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Timon and Pumby again on the big screen. The first movie was the perfect story of love, sacrifice and betrayal and it spoke to children and adults alike on a worldwide scale. But in the time since I saw the movie for the first time as a child, I’ve grown so much as a person. I’ve realized the rights and wrongs of this world and I’ve become a boss ass bitch at calling out the injustices that run rampant in it. I’m sad to say that “The Lion K*ng” hasn’t grown up alongside me. All I see in the trailer is a fat, patriarchal, sexist mess.

In a world where everything seems to be going in the right direction – we’ve had female ghostbusters, a female Ocean’s 8 cast and a black dude in Spiderman – this Lion K*ng setback hits our retinas HARD. Instead of getting excited, the more I watched the trailer, the more I felt short of breath – and my asthma puffer did little to calm me down. They’re really gonna go with the SAME flipping story? The SAME male-centric, mane-measuring contest we got in the ducking 90’s? Like Simba isn’t even a girl? Where’s Simbona? Like none of the lions are black? Where are the lions with some rhythm? The fact that they just copy pasted the problematic story, expecting it to resonate with this woke generation is just fracking tone deaf.

Why is Disney SO afraid of changing things up? Show me a YAAAAASSS-Lion-Queen movie where Simbona is kicking ass and taking names, defying the evil Trump-like Scar and saving the land from those pesky hyenas, (who are problematic in that they portray low IQ as something to be laughed at). Show me a Mufasina, who doesn’t die a wildebeest-death but who surfs on top of the wildebeests like a surfer girl (maybe like that one who lost her leg or some shit) and survives. It’s time for lionesses to show who is REALLY BOSS on the prairie – and maybe intergrating Wakanda into the story would do wonders in attracting the African American community.

I’m creating a petition that seeks to get enough signatures to get this movie cancelled and replaced with something a little bit more modern and tolerant – “The Lion Queen”. This generation of young girls need to know that they are appreciated for who they are and if they’re not represented in anthropomorphic movies then that will never be a reality. Here is the petition. SIGN SIGN SIGN:

And discuss this issue under #TheLionQueen , let’s get the whole world talking and supporting the cause.


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