Skittles is offering to pay 10 million dollars to get 6ix9ine out of jail

Candy company offers to cash out to get rainbow headed rapper out of the slammer 

New York based rapper, rainbow-haired rapper 6ix9ine’s (or Tekashi 6ix9ine’s) rise to fame has been meteoric. From a struggling no-name rapper slumming it in the poorest parts of Brooklyn to an international superstar with acts alongside giants such as Kanye West and Nicki Minaj in only a little over a year. With funny sounding smash hits such as Gummo, Gotti, Keke and more recently Fefe, the artist, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez has been topping charts and outselling people who have decades on him in the rap game.

But recently 6ix9ine learned the cost of fame and bad company. On November 20th, Hernandez was arrested on charges of racketeering and other gang related crimes and is now facing a potential life sentence behind bars. Hernandez sophomore project “Dummy Boy” was scheduled to release only days after he was arrested and it had to be delayed – on November 28th however, fans were happy as he was able to release the album from inside jail. 6ix9ine’s team’s effort to pay bail with a whopping $1.7 million dollars has been thwarted by the judge and a court date has been set as late as September 2019.

Now however, an unlikely saviour has emerged in the candy company Skittles. Skittles has offered to pay the bail office a staggering 10 million dollars in order to get 6ix9ine out of jail. On top of that, they’re offering the rapper a brand deal which would entail 6ix9ine themed skittles. In a press release from the sweets company on Thursday afternoon, their motivations were revealed:

We’ve had an eye on 6ix9ine for a while now. His rainbow locks and charismatic personality fits so well with our rainbow-coloured skittle candy brand and we’ve been so eager to make something great happen. We do of course recognise his troubled past, but here at Skittles we believe that everyone deserves a second chance and we see a lot of good in this young man. We believe 6ix9ine themed skittles would be a big hit, that’s why we’re willing to do anything to get him out of jail.

The jail at which 6ix9ine is being held is yet to respond to this bail-offer, but we will update you as soon as it does. 6ix9ine’s key to freedom might be sweet.



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