“This ain’t it chief”, “That’s a L” – Look out for these comments on your child’s social media, they’re being used by bullies

Concerned mother Carla Clapper urges all mom’s to look out for a new wave of subtle bullying that could be affecting your child. 

My name is Carla Clapper, I’m a mother and I’m concerned, very concerned. What’s happening on social media right now is an outright disgrace and someone has to speak out – I’m willing to be that person – I’m willing to be that mother. I became aware of this trend as recently as this Monday. Dustin, my youngest son, a seventh grader with a whole lotta energy (and a whole lotta newfound ‘tude) came home from school, crying. I asked him if that big brute [NAME REDACTED] had stolen his lunch money again. He said it wasn’t that but he refused to tell me what had happened. So being the concerned mother that I am I did a little snooping around on his laptop and iPad when he had gone to bed – I needed to get to the bottom of what these hooligans had done to my little DusDus.

What I found was beyond anything I could imagine. I think I just discovered an entirely new way that our children are being targeted, attacked and harassed online. What I found on my sons Instagram page was a picture of one of his favorite artists, someone named Russel or Russ or something like that with the caption “Russ better than Wayne, Carter V finna flop dont @ me”. I didn’t really understand anything of what my son wrote, (I guess I’m not down with the latest slang-i-o which surprised me because I see myself as a very cool mother, an on fleek mother as you might say), but when I started looking at the comments from people, I was shocked. There was a deluge of comments along the lines of “L”, “This a L”, “Wow, L of the century” and “This ain’t it chief”, “I called chief and he told me this wasn’t it”. At first I had no idea what they meant, but after I made an undercover account using a picture of a young african american boy I was able to ask what L meant and I got the reply “It means you lost, you loser, L for even asking”. That’s when it dawned on me, they were calling my DusDus a flippin’ loser! And this Chief character who supposedly doesn’t think my son is “it”, I’d like to have a long hard talk with him about respecting my son. I’m a mama bear and if this Chief guy wants a piece of my son I’ll pounce.

Traumatized, I quickly clicked away from my sons picture, but I somehow landed on another picture by some other kid and it was the same story there in the comment sections. I haven’t seen that many letter L since college when I worked in a library where the reception was facing the L-shelf of books. It was everywhere – this is an epidemic hurting our children every minute every day. Every time our precious kids go on their social media sites and their Snappychats, they’re being inundated with Ls and messages about and from this Chief person who seems to know everyone’s business. I even saw someone post this comment :

“After hours of deliberation with the Council of High Intelligence and Educational Findings (C.H.I.E.F), it has been determined that the contents of this statement/post “ain’t it” until further notice”. 

So whoever this Chief fella is, he’s working with some higher ups in the government. This has to stop. As concerned mothers who are concerned about our children’s health and well being we cannot let this continue. We must join forces to get to the bottom of this scourge once and for all, it could save the lives of hundreds, or maybe millions of children whose inboxes and “DMs” are flooded with Ls and Chiefs. I propose a #StopChief campaign where mothers band together to stand up for our children against Chief and all the Ls he seems to be spreading. There is not much time, this plague is gripping the nation. We must stand up against this senseless bullying. Mothers: share this article with other moms and tweet under the hashtag. We will stop bullying – Chief is about to get his butt beat .



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