Thai government is sending one of the boys BACK into the cave – because he kissed another boy in hospital

Back to the cave – Thai government does the unthinkable 

It’s been only days since the Thai soccer team consisting of boys between the ages of 12 and 15 were rescued from a the cave that they had wandered 3 miles into before heavy rainfall prevented their exit – the search and rescue became international news with people from all around the world watching it unfold and praying for the children’s. A team of divers were able to extract the boys from the cave using an advanced under rescue-technique and the boys were swiftly sent to hospital where they have been recovering since.

Now however, this story of hope and perseverance is taking a truly grim turn. Thailand has strict anti-gay laws. Homosexuals cannot marry and openly homosexual couples are frowned upon and sometimes subject to abuse and beatings, even from law enforcement itself. Now it seems this prejudice has extended to affect the rescued boys. This afternoon TT reported that the Thai government is planning to send one of the boys back into the submerged cave because a policeman saw him kissing another boy while at the hospital. The boy was taken into quickly taken into custody at the behest of the government and was separated from his friends. He is now undergoing an investigation into whether he is homosexual, and according to all sources, the verdict will indeed confirm that – the sentence: being sent back to the cave.

Human rights groups all over the world are protesting this draconian legal undertaking and many of the rescuers themselves are speaking out, at the risk of themselves facing ramifications for defying the government. One of the divers who rescued the boys had this to say:

“I am truly shocked by the government’s decision, this boy has just gotten another chance at life and now he’s being sent back into that hell? I am speechless”.

Whether any human rights efforts can stop the cruel sentencing remains to be seen, but here at Flurryfeed we like to spread awareness about important issues, share this article and tweet under the hashtag #SaveNarong 



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