David Hogg challenges Ted Nugent to a gun duel after Nugent calls him a crisis actor

Guns blazing – Anti-Gun advocate and survivor of Florida tragedy David Hogg is willing to pick up a piece to make a point

It has been two weeks since the tragic Florida school shooting in which 17 students lost their lives. The ensuing debate about the 2nd amendment and gun control has been all but civil, with both sides of the debate letting their emotions run a little too high – and today it seems, we’ve reached a whole ‘nother level. In a press release by David Hogg, the 17-year old survivor of the shooting who has appeared on multiple media platforms calling for gun control, he threw down the gauntlet in a shocking way. In the statement, Hogg fired back against the many right wing personalities who have called him a “crisis actor” in light of some odd behavior displayed in interviews. He reserved a particular strain of ire for NRA board member Ted Nugent, and even challenged him to a gun duel. Here is the statement:

I am just a kid, I am not a crisis actor or anything of the sort. All these stupid right wing gun touting fools are getting on my nerves here. I’m trying to make a change, I am trying to be a change, but all that is being sabotaged by all these dumb conspiracy theories. You know what, Ted Nugent, if you think guns are so good, why don’t you face me in a gun duel!? Would you dare? Huh? Would you? I’ll show you just how dangerous guns are!”

Coming from such a staunch anti-gun advocate, a call to pick up arms and engage in a gunslinger-battle seems bizarre, but Hogg has a knack of drawing media attention to himself. It remains to be seen whether the challenge is in any way serious and Nugent has yet to reply to Hogg. It has been an era or two since two since men settled disputes through the barrel of a gun, but perhaps it is making a comeback. In this political climate, nothing is surprising.

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