Justin Bieber’s Despacito is RACIST against MEXICANS. Here’s why…

Penny Pratt is a feminist activist and an aspiring singer. 

Hi guys, Penny Pratt here and today I’m gonna talk about something, like, really important. So it’s summer right, and like, usually there’s like one hit-song of the summer that like everyone knows and can sing along to or whatever. But the difference is that this summer, that song isn’t something innocent and like socially aware, like “Call Me Maybe”, (hashtag still my fave song). No, this summer it’s a freaking racist, xenophobic, mexican-phobic mess.

I’m talking of course about “Despacito” by Justin Bieber…and a few Mexican dudes. So…where to start? Oh I don’t know, maybe by calling it like it is: The song is FRICKIN’ racist and Justin Bieber should be ashamed of himself for releasing the song! Like, I’m surprised no one else is talking about this? He is LITERALLY culturally appropriating Mexican culture by singing in Mexican!! Like am I the only sane person around here for noticing this blatant racism? GOSH!!! Like the first time I heard it I had to pause it because I was LITERALLY shaking. I have many Mexican friends and I love Taco Bell and Mexican culture, so for me this was like a punch in the stomach.

Like doesn’t Justin Bieber understand that taking other cultures and making a joke out of them is literally what Hitler did? Like, seriously? Like I know you’re this privileged Canadian white boy but like puh-leaase, do you really think you can get away with this? Like really? Are you serious Justin? You thought I would just let this slide?

Your moneybags can’t buy you out of literally saying that Mexican people’s language is a joke. And besides…your white-boy tongue can‘t even pronounce Spanish properly – just like it couldn’t satisfy Selena. Ooooooohhh burn. Penny 1, Justin 0. What you gotta say about that Justin? Huh? Just do us all a favour, take your Maple Syrup-ass and get the hell out of the country.

And like also, the name of the song literally means “Slowly”. So I guess you’re saying that Mexicans are slow? Really? Like seriously have you met the maid at my parent’s house? She was like totally the fastest at folding sheets. Oh and our gardener, Juan , trimmed our hedge, like TOTALLY perfectly and really, really quickly. So no Despacito there, Muy Rapido actually.

So yeah. This has gone too far. Waaayyy too far. So what I’m gonna do is to literally try to get the song off the airwaves. Like I can’t hear it one more time. I have to protect the Mexican people. Someone has to be brave. I’m willing to be that person. I’m willing to stand up for all you Latinos who are suffering. That’s why I’m starting the hashtag #AdiosBiebero. Because it’s time to say goodbye to this racist song once and for all.

Together we are strong! And together we will ban this song forever! I’m so proud to be the official defender of the Latino community. Thank you all and bye bye Bieber!
I’m Penny Pratt: over and out.



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