Report: Macron has had relations with his wife’s son

Is Macron taking “fraternité” a bit too seriously? – reports of getting friendly with wife’s son

The first round of the French Presidential Election was a nailbiter that ended in the advancement of two very different candidates Emmanuel Macron of the En Marche party, and Marine Le Pen, of Front National. The result in remarkable in many ways, perhaps mostly because both candidates profile themselves as being outside of the political establishment. Macron is a centrist who has previously worked as an adviser for current President Hollande and Marine Le Pen is the brazen, nationalist leader of the scandal-wrought anti-immigration party. Up unti this point, the tone has been all but friendly, and various scandals have befallen both candidates; and here’s one that might add fuel to the flame.

According to an anonymous source from inside Macron’s campaign, Macron and the son of Macron’s 64-year old wife Brigitte, Sebastien Azuiere are having an affair. The tipster told us that Macron went behind his wife’s back with her son Sebastien at a Campaign Christmas party last year, and that the relationship has kept going ever since then. Brigitte, while apparently heart broken and scorned, reportedly knows about the affair, but is keeping quiet because she still wants her husband to be president. They are however, sleeping in separate beds and Sebastien has “practiaclly moved in”. The anonymous source also reportedly witnessed a confrontation in a restaurant where Macron defended his boyfriend from an angry diner by saying “Don’t you ever go near me or my wife’s son again!”

Rumours have swirled about Macron being homosexual before, but he has laughed these claims off. Now it seems that the rumours have caught up to him again, and this time they involve both infidelity against his sweetheart wife, and going behind her back with a family member. It does indeed seem like there is some veracity to these claim, because where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

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